Eyes Peeled


Look Before You're Hooked

Real Estate Muscle

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Puzzle Comes Together

No Typical Magic Valley Business

Easy Online Banking

Banking At Your Fingertips

Factory Direct Furniture Sale

Mismatch Mattress Sale

Special Purchase Alert

Factory Overstocks

Sweetest Word In Real Estate

Hot Potato

Won't Be Tied To Contracts
CSI Single Parent
CSI Young Student
CSI Older Student
CSI A Family
Hearing Zone Grand Opening
Hearing Zone Ought to Know



Winning Hand

Bad Idea (saw)

• Bad Idea (Bear Meat)

Creating Technology Calm

Good Eating Habits

Feed Millions

Winds of Satisfaction

Focus, Dedication, Passion

Favorite Street

Bursting Pipes

Classic Work of Art

Cookie Cutter Homes

Bear Trap

Don't Gamble With Your Title

Step Outside

Conditioned to Survive

Say Hello to Your New Neighbors

A Different Variety

Spills Flyer

Hidden Lakes

Watertech (it's almost like magic)

Watertech (leaf)

The Land Group

One Great View, One Great Restaurant

Caribou Construction - Mining
Caribou Construction - Resources
Great Food Fast
Genetic Breakthrough


• (Side 1) (Side 2) Gem State Paper Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Scotty SureCut Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) MVAC Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Milestone Commercial Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Milestone Residential Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) CPR Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Ortho Pro

• (Side 1) (Side 2) YMCA Superhero Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) YMCA Superhero DONOR Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) YMCA Corporate Brochure

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Farmers National Bank JC Hamilton

Farmers Fridge Magnet

Snyder Winery

YMCA Poster


Direct Response

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Canyon Crest

• (Side 1) (Side 2) (Coupon) 7 Warning Signs

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Factory Rebates

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Statewide Surplus

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Unclaimed Vehicles

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Fleet Return Vehicles

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Court Decreed Shipment

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Bundle Up for Savings

• (Letter) (Coupon) Dot by ReSound

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Better Than 2 for 1

• (Side 1) (Side 2) Lowest Prices Guaranteed
• (Side 1) (Side 2) Water Clinic
• (Side 1) (Side 2) Hearing Zone Tune Up



Gem State Paper Go To Zone

Rhinestone Ropers

Everton, We Are the Factory

Rock Creek Heights


Lifestyles Therapy And Wellness

Gr8 Knives

Hot Shot

Watertech WEP


Kimknits Fibers

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size
About 6 Cups

Creative 5mg


Results 2.5g


Genius 6g


Protein 5mg


Mucilage 1g